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Zombies story.

Two bullets bored themselves into the zombie’s chest. Hayley Skirmish grinned as it fell to the ground. She frowned when it stood up again.
‘Sparky! Hurry up!’ She yelled. Sparky Braginski was standing behind her, flicking frantically through her copy of the ‘Necronomicon’.
‘Shoot them.’ Sparky replied, head down.
‘Not working Einstein! They just get back up again!’ Hayley said, backing away from the large group of zombies. Sparky looked up.
‘Got it!’ She said, and then read something from the book. Nothing happened.
‘I don’t think that achieved anything.’ Hayley said.
‘Actually it did.’
‘And what’s that then?’
‘It means that these aren’t necromantic zombies. Which means that this isn’t going to help us.’ Sparky explained, chucking the book into the pile of zombies. She then pulled a notebook out of her backpack and started flicking through that.
‘We haven’t got enough time for this Sparky! Remember, zombies?’ Hayley exclaimed. Sparky looked up and said ‘Don’t touch them. Don’t touch their blood especially. That’d be bad.’
‘Why?’ Hayley asked, backing up further, eventually lining up with Sparky.
‘Because they’re rage-virus zombies. Highly communicable.’ Sparky looked at Hayley.
‘Which means that, besides your gun, you aren’t much help here.’ Sparky continued. Hayley rolled her eyes and looked behind them. They were in central London, and the only people around were zombies. They were backing into the side of a building, and there wasn’t very much space left for them to, well, not be eaten. Sparky looked up and signalled for Hayley to jump.
‘Ready.’ Hayley said. Sparky kneeled and slammed her fist into the ground. Hayley flipped into the air, avoiding the shockwave that blasted out from under Sparky’s fist. The zombies flew backwards and Hayley grabbed Sparky around her waist. She turned and ran up the wall. Sparky kept looking in the book.
‘What’s the plan?’ Hayley asked.
‘Plan? Well I’m not sure how you kill these things, whether they can be cured and, most importantly, why the hell they are managing to climb after us.’ Sparky said back. Hayley jumped onto the top of the building and looked down at the zombies climbing after them, a little fast for Hayley’s liking. She pulled out her Mark 23 and shot three rounds into the head of the nearest zombie. It fell and brought a bunch of other zombies down with it.
‘Well, shooting them in the head seems to work, but the rest of my bullets are with my bike. So we need to get back down there and get it back. And then we could find someone and get help.’ Hayley said. Sparky looked at her.
‘Uh, Hayley? Small problem with that.’ She said.
‘Everyone’s dead.’ Sparky scowled. Hayley thought for a moment.
‘We could find a military base or something.’
‘We’re in Britain. We don’t know where that is, and there’s no one to ask.’
‘Well you think of something! You’re the smart one!’
‘Well, I have thought of something, but we need to get back to your bike.’ Sparky said. Hayley arched her eyebrow.
‘I parked it three blocks that way.’ Hayley said, pointing. Sparky leaped onto Hayley’s back and Hayley ran from rooftop to rooftop.

She stopped and Sparky hopped off.
‘Don’t you need my help to get down?’ Hayley asked. Sparky smiled.
‘There’s such thing as a staircase Hayley.’ She said, pointing at a door labelled ‘In Case Of Emergency’
‘That’s a good idea.’
‘What I’m here for.’ Sparky said, ramming her shoulder into the door. The door opened to pitch black. Sparky squinted at the roof and tapped the light. It flickered on and the two made their descent. They reached street level and exited the building. Sparky ran to the bike that was parked two metres away. She reached into Hayley’s bag, pulled out some bullets, tossed them at Hayley and kept digging. As Hayley reloaded her gun she checked to see if there were any zombies near by. She shot three in the head and came back to Sparky, who was holding her mobile phone.
‘No signal? What do you mean no signal?’ She yelled. Sparky shook it a bit and the held it up. The screen got one bar.
‘Yes!’ she was about to dial a number when Hayley pulled it out of her reach.
‘Who are you calling?’
‘Help! We need help, so I’m calling someone.’
‘But who can get here? We need someone who can kill things.’ Hayley scowled.
‘Yeah. That’s what she does. Now let me call her.’
‘But how can she get here!?’
‘Just give me the phone!’ Sparky cried. Hayley shrugged and gave her back the phone. Sparky dialled and held the phone up to her ear. Hayley heard half a conversation that finished with Sparky saying:
‘So you’ll come? Great! See you soon.’ Sparky hung up. Hayley scowled.
‘When I say help I mean real, phs-‘ Hayley was interrupted by a girl appearing in the middle of the street. She had pale skin, dark hair and indigo eyes.
‘Hello Sparky, you mentioned some sort of zombie invasion.’ She said.
‘Great to see you again Ivy. How have you been?’
‘Good. Who’s your friend?’ Ivy asked.
‘I’m Hayley. You can teleport? That’s pretty cool. But I don’t know how that really helps us kill zombies.’ Hayley said.
Well, I can also do most other things if you must know.’ Hayley jumped.
‘Did she just, how did she-‘
‘Ivy is telepathic. And most other things.’ Sparky said, smiling. Hayley glared at Ivy. ‘Don’t make a habit out of that please.’
‘No promises. Sparky, are we fighting rage-virus zombies? Because I can see some of them running up that street.’
‘Yes we are.’ Sparky replied, making electricity crackle around her fists. Hayley reloaded her gun and aimed. Ivy rolled her eyes.
‘Please. We need long range things to kill these guys. So lets go get guns.’ Ivy grabbed Hayley’s wrist and nearly grabbed Sparky’s.
‘Sparky, I can’t teleport you until you let me hold your arm or something.’
‘Why can’t you do that now?’
‘I’m not immune to electricity.’
‘Ah.’ Sparky relaxed. Ivy grabbed Sparky’s wrist and the disappeared.

They appeared in the centre of Stonehenge, which was splattered with blood. Hayley moved to touch it, but Sparky gripped her wrist.
‘Remember what I said about not touching the blood? That’s important. I’m going to see if I have anything else on the zombies.’ Sparky sat on a rock and pulled her notebook out again, she was about to open it when she looked at Hayley again.
‘And, uh, it might be a good idea for you to put shoes on, but you don’t have to.’ She finished. Hayley scowled and looked at Ivy. Ivy was doing something on her phone. She put it to her ear.
‘Hi. I’m not coming tonight. No, I can’t. Is being out of the country a good enough excuse? No? Why not? I know that but-‘ Ivy groaned. ‘I’m helping a friend, okay?’ Ivy said. There was a muffled yell on the other side that sounded like ‘You have a friend?’ Ivy frowned.
‘I’m thirteen, yes, I have a friend. They aren’t from Washington. Australia. I’m in London. Look, Anomaly, can’t I just not come? I didn’t want to go anyway. Of course I didn’t want to go. You actually thought I wanted to go? Okay. I can stay? Thanks. What? Yes, I’m killing things. Ugh. Bye.’ Ivy hung up and scowled at Hayley.
‘You do know that it’s rude to eavesdrop, right?’
‘Yes I do. Who were you just talking to?’
‘Anomaly Despair. We had plans for tonight, but I’d much rather do this. My full name is Ivy Animosity by the way.’
‘Hayley Skirmish. I take it you’re from Washington State.’
‘Oh, you actually know the difference? That’s a first.’ Ivy said, nearly smiling.
‘There isn’t a cure, weaponry to the head kills them and unarmed humans rarely survive encounters with rage-virus zombies.’ Sparky said, head down, but standing. ‘The zombie virus transfers through the blood and the zombies have the ability to vomit blood. Which explains the stains.’ She said, pointing at the rocks. ‘The good news is that we aren’t human, and we are armed, so our chances of survival are better than average. I think the biggest problem is that all of Britain has been infected, and there isn’t a cure. Which means, that we need to kill all the zombies before they figure out how to swim.’
‘There isn’t going to be an easy way out of this, is there?’
‘I doubt it, but it’s worth looking for.’ Sparky said, looking up. Hayley’s eyebrows furrowed.
‘Ivy, can you take us to Downing Street?’ Hayley asked.
‘Why would we want to go there?’ Sparky said.
‘Because that’s where the Prime Minister of England lives. I think. You’re supposed to be the one who knows this stuff.’ Hayley smiled and messed up Sparky’s hair. She growled back. Ivy stepped forward.
‘Uh… I can’t take you there.’ She said, blushing slightly. Sparky looked at her.
‘Because I’ve been there before…’
‘You killed the Prime Minister?’
‘No! I killed an associate of the Prime Minster. But the Prime Minister may or may not have seen my face in the process.’ Ivy said sheepishly. Hayley stared at her.
‘You’re how old?’
‘And you managed to get in there, stab a g-‘
‘Actually I ripped their head off.’ Ivy said, smiling at the memory. Hayley gawked. She then faced Sparky and whispered ‘Are you sure she’s safe to be around?’
‘Yeah I’m sure. Okay, she may be a little bit screwy in the head, but other than that she’s fine.’ Sparky said.
A little screwy in the head!?’ Hayley whispered angrily. Ivy snorted. Hayley turned to her.
‘What’s so funny?’
‘Oh, just what you were thinking a second ago. Trust me, if you tried that, you’d be a cripple before you could say you were sorry.’
‘Ivy can read minds as well.’
‘Yes, thank you Sparky, I got that.’
‘Ivy, can’t you change your appearance?’ Sparky asked, trying to steer Hayley away from violent thoughts.
‘A little. I can make my eyes less… indigo.’
‘That’s a good start.’
‘So are we going there?’ Hayley asked.
‘Yes, we’re going to Downing street.’
‘Well, if we are, can we stop at my bike first?’ Hayley asked. Sparky shook her head.
‘There were zombies everywhere when we left. It’s too risky.’ Hayley frowned.
‘But it’s me bike! We can’t just leave my bike!’
‘I can go get it after.’ Ivy said. Hayley grimaced.
‘Mmm… Okay. But don’t think I’m happy about it.’ She said. Ivy smiled. Hayley tackled her. Sparky watched them roll around in the grass. She sighed- this wasn’t working at all. Sparky saw Ivy grip Hayley’s hair. Sparky’s eyes widened and she dived at Ivy, shocking her at the same time. Sparky got up, helped Hayley onto her feet and faced Ivy, who was lying on the ground. Sparky stood over her and tapped her foot.
‘Why did you do that!?’ Ivy yelled. Sparky scowled.
‘We do not pull our friends heads off.’ Sparky said. Ivy frowned.
‘How could you tell?’
‘You gripped Hayley’s hair. We do not rip our friends heads off.’ Sparky scolded. Ivy crossed her arms and sulked. Sparky put her head in her hands.
‘There is no time for this Ivy! The zombies learn how to swim and then they attack all of Europe. Which is bad!’ Sparky said. Ivy eventually settled into her normal scowl and held out her arm. Hayley and Sparky grabbed on and they appeared outside a black brick building, inside the gates. It was raining and Sparky flinched. Hayley turned and looked at the street and tapped Ivy’s shoulder.
‘Look.’ Hayley said, pointing behind Ivy and Sparky. They turned around and stepped backwards instinctively. There was an enormous crowd of zombies reaching through the bars. There was a clatter behind them and the door opened. A man leaned out of the door and stared at the three wet girls. One was short, had green eyes and long, straight brown hair. Another had pale skin, dark hair and brown eyes. The third was taller than the other two, and also looked slightly older. She had light brown hair with blonde streaks. Her eyes were blue.
‘How did you get on this side of the gates?’ The man yelled over the patter of rain and the moaning of zombies. He shivered and beckoned them inside. Two of the girls stepped out of the rain, but the third remained.
‘Sparky! Why aren’t you coming?’ Asked the pale one.
‘I’m wet. Keep me dry and I’ll come.’ Sparky said. The pale girl sighed and lifted her hands. The rain stopped hitting Sparky, and the water evaporated off her. Sparky smiled and walked out of the rain.
‘Hi! I’m Sparky Braginski.’ She said, shacking his hand.
‘My name is Clyde Smith. And you are?’
‘Ivy Animosity.’
‘Hayley Skirmish.’
‘What are you girls doing here? And how are you alive?’ Clyde asked. Ivy looked at Sparky, who nodded.
‘Hayley and I came here from Australia to fight the zombies. That’s what we do. When we realised that the zombie problem was a national thing, I called Ivy.’ Sparky explained.
‘And how did Ivy get here?’ He asked. The three of them shared a look. Hayley and Ivy shook their heads.
‘Not important.’ Sparky said. Clyde shrugged.
‘Why are you here?’ He asked.
‘We need to talk to the Prime Minister. And any experts you have.’ Hayley said. Clyde frowned.
‘I can’t let three random kids see the Prime Minister.’ Clyde said, laughing. Hayley scowled and Ivy’s eyes turned indigo again. Sparky grabbed Ivy by her shoulders as Ivy lunged at Clyde.
‘Ivy! Let me handle this.’ Sparky said, slightly panicked. Ivy was growling at Clyde and Clyde had retreated into the wall behind him.
‘How did her eyes change colour?’ He cried. Hayley picked up Ivy and held Ivy over her shoulder in a fireman’s lift. Ivy kicked and grunted, but Hayley wouldn’t let go. Sparky glared at Clyde.
‘We aren’t ‘three random kids’. And if you call us any form of child again, I will let Ivy kill you. Now, take us to the Prime Minister.’
‘But I can’t just-‘ Clyde saw the three girls scowling at him.
‘You will take us to the Prime Minister now.’ Sparky said. She was manipulating Clyde, but he didn’t know that. Clyde swallowed and nodded. He led them up a set of ornate stairs down a hallway and into a room where twelve people were talking angrily. They stopped when the girls walked in. The man at the head of the table started laughing. The others started as well. Ivy’s eyes were brown again, but she was having trouble keeping them that way. Hayley arched an eyebrow at the room in front of her. Slowly, one by one, each of the people stopped laughing. She stepped forward.
‘Who’s in charge here?’ Hayley asked. The man sitting at the end of the table stood.
‘I am. Why are these k-‘
‘Dude. Finish that sentence, and you won’t be in charge. In fact, you aren’t.’ Hayley said, scowling.
‘What do you mean? I’m the Prime Minister, you don’t have the right to say that to me.’
‘Don’t I? What can you do in this situation? Let’s think…’ There was a moment of silence. ‘I know! Nothing. What can we do? How about, a visual demonstration!’ Hayley smirked. She walked up the wall and sat on the ceiling. Hayley nodded to Sparky and Ivy. Sparky grinned and made electricity crackle around her fists. Ivy’s eyes returned to their normal colour, then she disappeared completely. A few papers flew about the room and her voice came from thin air.
‘That’s what we can do.’ She reappeared on Sparky’s back. Sparky laughed. The people in the room looked thoroughly spooked. Hayley flipped off the roof onto the table.
‘Now, what do you know about the zombies?’ She asked. The Prime Minister nodded to the two men closest to him on the left hand side of the table. They turned bright red and shuffled some papers. One of them stood and cleared his throat.
‘We know that the epidemic is a zombie invasion and that there is no cure to this form of zombie.’ He sat down again. Hayley flipped off the table, landed lightly next to Sparky.
‘And what do we know?’ Hayley said. Sparky reeled off a dozen facts about rage-virus zombies. Ivy hopped off Sparky’s back.
‘So, who do you think should be in charge Clyde?’ Hayley said. Clyde stammered for a moment, then composed himself.
‘You should Hayley. Obviously.’ A woman scowled at him.
‘We should support and follow the elected leader of the country.’ She said. Clyde looked at her, then Sparky, Hayley and Ivy and back at the woman.
‘So, what you just said is “We should follow the person who knows nothing about what’s happening” right? Cause that’s what it sounded like.’ The woman scowled and sat down. Clyde smiled back.
‘I say, we take a vote. All for following the Prime Minister?’ Three hands went into the air. ‘And for Hayley Skirmish, Sparky Braginski and Ivy Animosity?’ The rest of the hands went up. ‘Then it’s settled. What should we do first?’ Clyde said. Ivy looked at Hayley, who looked at Sparky. Sparky sighed.
‘What we do, is either kill or catch one zombie, so I can do tests on it.’

This one. I ran out of ideas. I strongly recall Clyde originally being called Derek, but I thought that'd be a bit stupid. This was okay, I liked it, but again, I got bored with it.

Not to be continued.

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