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Blogland People Fanfiction

Sparky looked through the window for the fiftieth time that hour.
‘Where are they?’ She muttered. Right as she said this as a blue orb appeared in the middle of the room. Sparky turned and smiled, launching herself at Ivy Animosity, who had teleported in.
‘Ivy! How are you?’ Sparky said. Ivy stepped backwards and laughed.
‘Great, has anyone else arrived yet?’
‘No.’ Sparky checked her watch. ‘You arrived ten minutes early and I’ve been looking through the window for half an hour.’
‘Because I assumed that someone would arrive early. But I may have-‘ Sparky was interrupted by a knock at the door. Her face light up and she ran to the door. Sparky opened the door and grinned.
‘Hi Sparks. How are you?’ Flame Phoenix said, stepping inside. Sparky was about to answer when Flame leaned forward and kissed her. Sparky smiled.
‘Please don’t tell me I came here to see you two kissing.’ Ivy groaned. Flame scowled.
‘Hello Ivy. How have you been?’ He said frostily.
‘Just fine thanks.’ Ivy said, smiling sweetly. Flame stepped towards Ivy and Sparky held him back.
‘Play nice.’ They scowled at her. ‘Both of you.’ There was another knock at the door. Sparky opened the door again. Eve Azure smiled, showing off her pointed teeth.
‘Have I missed anything?’ She asked. Sparky shook her head.
‘We need to wait until everyone arrives. In the mean time, make yourself at home.’
‘I’ll do that.’ Eve said, still smiling. Eve wandered into the kitchen and Sparky returned to her living room, where Ivy was sitting on the couch inspecting her nails and Flame was sitting on the armchair opposite, staring at the fire. Sparky sat on Flame’s lap and kissed him quickly, and then faced Ivy.
‘Have you done anything interesting lately?’ Sparky asked. Ivy shook her head.
‘Nothing at all?’ Once again Ivy shook her head.
No, nothing has happened at all. Except that guy who tried to kill me yesterday.’
‘That guy who what?’ Sparky said. Ivy was about to respond when there was a crash from upstairs. Ivy smiled. Sparky scowled.
‘What did you do?’ Sparky asked, getting up. Still Ivy smiled.
‘There’s someone upstairs.’ Sparky scowled and sprinted up the stairs. She walked in and saw Hayley Skirmish picking bits of lamp up off the floor. She looked up and saw Ivy standing behind Sparky.
‘Would you stop thinking inside my head! You ruined my entrance!’ Hayley scowled.
‘Ivy, help Hayley pick up the glass. Don’t kill each other while I’m gone.’ There was a knock at the door. Sparky groaned and sprinted down the stairs. Flame was leaning against a doorway and opened his mouth to say something when Sparky opened the door.
‘Áine Douleurs! It’s been a while.’ Sparky exclaimed.
‘What took you so long? I waited for like five seconds before you opened the door!’ Áine said, laughing. Áine stopped laughing abruptly.
‘What’s that doing here?’ She said, pointing at Hayley.
‘Watch it Áine.’ Hayley said, her tone menacing. The pair scowled at each other for a moment.
‘Guys, you are here for a reason.’ Sparky said.
‘What is the reason Sparky? You never told us.’ Hayley said.
‘Wait until everyone’s arrived. There’s only two people left.’
‘Who?’ Áine asked. A figure stood in the open front doorway.
‘I believe that I am one of those people. Hello Sparky, Áine, Hayley, Ivy, Flame, Eve and Lynxia.’ She said. Eve poked her head into the front hall.
‘How did she know I was here? And Lynxia hasn’t even arrived yet!’ Eve said.
‘Guys, I would like to introduce you to my good friend, Echo Blood.’ Sparky said. Echo stepped forward and smiled. She had white hair with black streaks. A bundle of shadows grouped together and Lynxia Lost stepped into the hall.
‘Damn, she’s good.’ Lynxia smiled. ‘What have I missed?’ She asked.
‘Nothing. Sparky wouldn’t say a word till everyone got here.’ Áine said.
‘Then why don’t we get started? Into the living room!’ Sparky said, gesturing into the living room. They looked at her quizzically and sat down around the room. Sparky stood in the centre of the room and looked at each of them.
‘Introduction time! Raise your hand if you don’t recognise everyone here.’ Everyone raised their hands.
‘That’s a brilliant start. Okay, Áine, introduce yourself.’ Sparky said. Áine scowled. She thought for a moment.
‘My name is Áine Douleurs. I am an Elemental, I specialise in water manipulation and I’m annoyed at Sparky for making me go first.’ She scowled. Sparky nodded towards Echo.
‘Hi! I’m Echo Blood and my senses are enhanced. I’m a world renowned tracker and I’m glad to met you!’ Sparky nodded to Eve.
‘Hi! I’m Eve Azure, I like sharpening my teeth, I think this ‘introduce yourself’ thing is random, I can morph into your worst fear, but only the person I direct it at can see it!’ Sparky giggled at Eve’s hyperness and glanced at Flame.
‘I’m Flame Phoenix, an Elemental who’s magic power leans towards fire and I am glad to see some old friends in this room. Mainly Sparky.’ He smiled. Sparky grinned back. ‘God, this sounds like an Alcoholic’s Anonymous meeting. Hayley, you’re up.’
‘Hayley Skirmish. Adept. Thief. Defies gravity regularly by running up walls and flipping.’ Hayley said, raising her eyebrow at Sparky.
‘Ivy.’ Sparky said.
‘I’m Ivy Animosity. I kill people. Normally when I tell people my name I kill them. I do pretty much whatever the hell I feel like.’ Ivy’s indigo eyes glittered. Sparky nodded towards Lynxia.
‘My name is Lynxia Lost, I break bones and I’m a necromancer. I use a bow and arrow. If you get in my way you’ll end up kissing my quiver.’
‘Well, now that we’ve finished that, why are we here?’ Áine asked.
‘Ivy, please say what you told me a few minutes ago.’ Sparky thought what she wanted Ivy to say very clearly inside her head.
‘A guy tried to kill me the other day.’ She said, scowling.
‘Flame, has that happened to you?’ Sparky asked. Flame nodded.
‘Me too.’ Hayley said, growling slightly.
‘And none of you managed to kill said man?’ Sparky asked. The three of them shook their heads.
‘Lynxia, you too?’
‘And you are all bothered by this?’ They nodded. ‘I thought as much. Echo is here to find the man. Áine is here because if Ivy didn’t manage to kill this guy, then we’ll need back up. The man that tried to kill me three days ago is black, has long, black, oily hair, black eyes which makes me think he’s a vampire and doesn’t have a left ear. Does that match your descriptions?’ They all nodded. ‘Do you want to kill this guy?’ More nodding. ‘And his boss?’ There was a chorus of ‘Yeahs!’ in the room.
‘Then it’s settled. Let’s get this bad boy.’

They decided that everyone was too tired to even think about the problem that day, so Sparky got out all of her extra beds and everyone sorted themselves out. Sparky moved into the kitchen and groaned.
‘Do you guys mind if we get pizza?’ She yelled. No one minded so Sparky got everyone a pizza and half an hour later they sat in a circle talking. Eve picked a bit of chicken off her pizza and blanched at it.
‘This chicken is already dead.’ She said, frowning. Áine looked at her.
‘Of course it’s dead. It’s chicken.’
‘I like eating live chicken.’ Eve said. Áine leaned towards Sparky and whispered ‘Does she really eat live chickens?’
‘To the best of my knowledge, yes. Eat your pizza.’ Sparky took a bit of her pizza that had every kind of meat on it.
‘So how did he try to kill you guys?’ Echo asked quietly.
‘He handed me a briefcase and said “Please take care of this for five minutes! It’s important!” to me. I peeked in and saw it was a bomb. I threw it into the sky right as it blew up. I was lucky to survive. I saw him running away. I ran after that, because I looked like a terrorist.’ Sparky said.
‘He came up to me and because I didn’t know him, I read his thoughts. He was thinking about making sure I gripped his right hand because that was where the poison was. So I punched him in the face. When his head didn’t come off I was mildly surprised and he tried to hit me with the palm of his right hand. He wouldn’t stop, so I left.’ Ivy said.
‘Did any of you get attacked in the last twenty four hours?’ Echo asked. Flame nodded.
‘My apartment. Ivy knows where that is. It happened about twelve hours ago.’
‘Great! We can go there first thing tomorrow.’ Echo said, smiling. Sparky checked her watch.
‘I have a feeling that it’s going to be a long day tomorrow, I say we should turn in.’ She said. They all agreed and went to bed. Ivy and Hayley were in the front hall in case they were ambushed, Eve, Lynxia and Áine were in the living room and Flame and Echo were on the floor of Sparky’s bedroom.

The next morning at 2:15 Echo woke Sparky up.
‘I can hear helicopters.’ Echo said quietly. Sparky looked at her groggily.
‘I can hear helicopters and I can smell gunpowder. We need to go.’
‘Okay. Flame, get up.’ Sparky said, rolling out of her bed. She pulled up Flame who groaned.
‘No, it’s too early.’ He said. He opened his eyes and smiled at Sparky.
‘Not the worst thing to see first thing in the morning.’ He said, waking up slightly.
‘Thanks Flame, but we do need to get moving, help Echo and me wake up the others.’ Sparky smiled. The three of them went downstairs and woke the others up.
‘No! I will not open my eyes and stand up!’ Áine growled. Sparky rolled her eyes and shocked Áine lightly.
‘Ow! That hurt!’ Áine yelled. Echo covered her ears.
Shhh!’ Sparky said, covering Áine’s mouth. Eventually everyone was awake and up.
‘Where to?’ Ivy asked holding out here arm.
‘My apartment.’ Flame said, grabbing on to Ivy’s arm. Everyone else gripped her arm and Ivy teleported. They appeared in Flame’s apartment. Áine, Echo and Eve reeled back, dizzy.
‘Whoa! That’s so weird!’ Eve said. The three of them regained they’re balance as Flame checked around his apartment. When he was sure that it wasn’t bugged, he picked up his mail and started to go through it. He chucked three letters in the bin and walked up to Sparky. He tossed the remaining letters onto his couch and kissed Sparky. Ivy tapped Flame on the shoulder.
‘What!?’ He said.
‘None of us want to watch you kiss, remember?’ Ivy said.
‘She’s got a point. Echo, can you get anything?’ Sparky said. Echo was looking around the room, inspecting everything. She bent over and looking carefully at the carpet. She straightened and looked at the group. She smiled.
‘Got him.’

Everyone was preparing for the trip. They had to drive because if they teleported Echo would lose the scent. Flame pulled a jacket over his machete, which was in its’ sheath, strapped to his back. Echo was loading her Glock, and making sure that the silencer was on properly. Eve was sharpening her teeth and nails. Hayley was inspecting her Mark 23 and Lynxia was fiddling with her quiver. Áine was pulling her switchblade out of the strap around her ankle, opening it, stabbing at thin air, shutting it and flicking it back into the strap. Sparky pulled out her Makhaira and inspected it closely. Echo walked up to Hayley.
‘Could you use a silencer on your gun?’
‘Why?’ Hayley said, raising her eyebrow. Echo pointed at her ears.
‘Ah. Sure, but I don’t own a si-‘
‘Here, I have one.’ Echo held up a silencer and handed it to Hayley. When everyone was ready they piled into the minivan that they had hired and drove away. Flame was at the wheel and Echo was in the front passenger seat. She was looking forward intently, and giving Flame directions. The rest of them were in the back, making various facial expressions. Hayley was scowling because there hadn’t been enough room and was sitting on the ceiling. She was facing Sparky, and scowling at her very hard. Sparky was scowling back, not letting Hayley have another facial expression battle win. Eve was grinning at Áine, who was smiling in a slightly creeped-out fashion back at her. Ivy was frowning at everything, but that was nothing out of the ordinary. Lynxia was talking to Ivy quietly, trying to get her to smile. Finally Lynxia said something that caused a small explosion of laughter come from Ivy. Hayley raised an upside-down eyebrow at both of them, which subdued Lynxia, but only sent Ivy into further fits of laughter. Soon enough, Sparky was struggling not to laugh and Hayley was having a hard time maintaining her scowl. Eve was cackling for the fun of it, and Áine was looking frantically from one side to the other.
‘What did I miss!?’ She yelled.
‘Would you all be quiet! We’re almost there!’ Flame shouted. Everyone quieted down after that. They drove for three more minutes and stopped outside an old run-down warehouse. They stepped out of the minivan and stretched.
‘We should partner up.’ Hayley said, twisting her back. They looked around and shuffled into pairs. Áine was with Echo, Flame with Ivy, Eve with Shadow and Sparky with Hayley. They split up. Sparky hopped onto Hayley’s back and she ran up the wall of the warehouse. She landed on the roof.
‘Off.’ Hayley said. Sparky jumped off and smiled at Hayley.
‘Lets have a look around, shall we?’ Sparky said cheerfully. Hayley smiled.
‘I guess so.’ They walked around, Sparky holding her Makhaira, Hayley holding her Mark23. They walked across the roof of the warehouse silently. Sparky looked around as she was walking. There was no movement anywhere. She looked forward again and stopped. Hayley was standing stock-still.
‘Listen.’ She breathed. Sparky listened and stepped forward tentatively. She shrieked as her foot went through the glass she had stepped on. Sparky brought her arms up and she fell through the roof. She turned in mid-air and landed on her back, barely keeping her head from smashing into the concrete floor of the warehouse. Her Makhaira clattered to the ground next to her.
‘Sparky!’ Hayley yelled. ‘Are you okay?’ Sparky groaned. She opened her eyes and saw Hayley looking down at her through the glass.
‘What do you think?’ Sparky shouted back. She stood up, picked up her sword and looked around. There were shafts of light entering the warehouse at regular intervals. Other than that, there was no source of light in the building. Sparky walked with her hands out in front of her, trying to see. She hit a wall and ran her fingers along it until she hit an electrical box. She opened it and charged up the box. The lights flickered on and Sparky took another look at the inside of the warehouse.

* * *

Echo stood with her hands on her hips. Áine was watching her, doing her best not to make a sound. Áine shifted slightly on her feet.
‘Shh. I need silence.’ Echo said. Áine rolled her eyes and waited. Echo started walking towards the forest that was behind the warehouse.
‘Are you sure that’s the right direction?’ Áine asked.
‘Positive.’ They walked briskly. The entered the forest and Echo stopped suddenly. They were quite a far way into the forest.
‘What is it?’ Áine hissed.
‘Can’t you hear that?’ Echo asked, looking back towards the warehouse. Áine gave Echo a look.
‘No. My ears aren’t super good, remember?’ She said. Áine listened anyway. Echo sprinted back they way they had come.
‘Where are you going!?’ Áine shouted. Echo didn’t even look back. Áine groaned and ran after her.
‘I heard,’ Echo said between breathes, ‘Sparky scream.’
‘Why am I not surprised?’

* * *

Flame and Ivy walked into the warehouse.
‘How did I get paired with you?’ Ivy asked. Flame scowled. Ivy scowled back. They made faces at each other for a few seconds and eventually tried to look for a light switch. Not finding one, they walked forwards into the warehouse, seeing by the fire in Flame’s hand. They walked along, looking around.
‘This is so boring.’ Ivy said.
‘Looking for clues is a necessity if you are a detective. Which I am.’
‘Well I’m an assassin. I kill things. This qualifies as boring.’
‘Yeah, I know…’ Flame said reluctantly. They walked around, looking for anything other than wall, floor or ceiling. Ivy was pulling out her knife so that she could see how far she could drive it into the ground when they heard a scream and a crash. They ran in the direction of the sound but the lights flickered on before they got there.

* * *

Eve and Lynxia walked around the warehouse. Nothing interesting was happening, so Lynxia turned to Eve and flinched.
‘Don’t do that!’ She growled. Eve laughed and returned to her normal appearance.
‘Do you have any live chickens?’ Eve asked.
‘Yes.’ Lynxia said. Her phone beeped.
It was a text from Ivy. Lynxia grabbed Eve’s wrist and they shadow-walked into the warehouse. They stepped out of the bundle of shadows to see Sparky, Flame and Ivy standing together. Out of nowhere Hayley landed on the ground softly.
‘Sparky, are you okay?’ Flame asked. Sparky rolled her eyes and nodded. There was a bang from the other end of the warehouse. Everyone sprinted over to meet Áine and Echo making a whole in the wall.
‘Is everyone okay?’ Echo asked, checking Sparky especially.
‘For Pete’s sake yes!’ Sparky cried.
‘I’ve found them by the way.’ Echo said, stepping back out of the warehouse. They followed her. She walked into the forest and slowed down. Echo looked back at them.
‘Just in here.’ She whispered. They edged forward into an empty clearing. Echo stood straight and turned around.
‘I was sure this was the place.’ She stuck her nose in the air a sniffed. ‘It is here. Where are they?’ There was a flash as nine vampires landed on the ground, grabbing each of them. The ninth stood in front of them all.
‘Why hello there. I have been trying to kill you people for quite a while. But, now that I have all of you, I can return to the boss. I hope the ride isn’t to bad.’
‘Who are you?’ Sparky asked, fighting against the vampire who was holding her in place.
‘No one of consequence. Silence them.’ The lead vampire said. Each of the other vampires knocked out the sorcerers. Sparky’s knees buckled as she blacked out.

Sparky woke up. She attempted to wipe the hair of her face, but her hands were locked in magic binding cuffs. She flicked her hair back as best she could and looked around. A hand grabbed her from behind and held her up.
‘Have a nice sleep Sparky?’ It was the same vampire.
‘Who the hell are you?’
‘Fine, my name is Angst.’
‘Yes Sparky, my name is Angst.’
‘That’s a bit depressing, isn’t it? But, all things considered, you are a vampire.’
‘Is there anything wrong with that, child?’ Angst asked, smiling. Sparky spat in his face. He punched her in the gut, making her fold.
‘Behave yourself. Or you’ll get much worse.’ Angst said. Sparky scowled. He shrugged and carried Sparky into the next room. Ivy, Flame and Hayley were hanging from the far wall, connected to the wall by magic binding cuffs.
Sparky, I can break these, should I?’ Ivy’s voice appeared in Sparky head. Sparky shook her head.
‘Time to meet the boss.’ Angst said. A woman walked into the room. Everyone except Angst turned their heads.
‘Hello. I am Eliza Scorn.’ She said. Her red hair was hanging over her shoulders. Sparky glanced at Flame. He was gazing at Scorn with his mouth hanging open.
‘Excuse me Angst, could I please slap Flame?’ Sparky said.
‘Why of course you can’t!’ Angst chuckled. Sparky frowned and nodded at Ivy, who ripped her cuffs apart, turned invisible and removed Sparky’s cuffs. Ivy then reappeared and punched Angst in the gut, making him fly to the other end of the room. Sparky slapped Flame, who immediately snapped out of it.
‘Flame, I always say that you’re allowed to stare at other girls. But you aren’t allowed to drool.’ She said, unlocking his cuffs. Ivy had already ripped Hayley’s off. They turned to face Eliza, but she was already gone. In her place were Angst and five other vampires.
‘Ivy, now would be a great time to do that killing people thing.’ Sparky said, backing up.
‘With pleasure.’ Ivy said, grinning. She stepped forward and the vampires literally laughed at her. She kept grinning as a ball of blue energy formed and flew into the chest of one of the vampires, throwing him off his feet. The ball of energy slammed him into the ground. It then flew up and hit another vampire in the back of the head. All this occurred within seven seconds, not giving enough time for the vampires to dodge. Angst roared and tried to tackle Ivy, but she teleported to the side. Angst landed on the ground in front of Hayley. Hayley shot him in the leg. Angst howled with pain and rolled over. He was now under Sparky, who put her boot on his head. She made electricity flow through her foot and into his skull. He howled and gripped his head. Sparky pulled her foot back and looked at Ivy again. Ivy had just swept a vampire off his feet with a low kick, followed by a punch to the head. The vampire’s head rocked backwards as he crumpled to the floor. Ivy turned and smiled.
‘That was fun!’

* * *

Eve, Echo, Lynxia and Áine were sitting in the cell.
‘This feels so weird.’ Echo said. The others looked at her.
‘It feels weird for all of us.’ Lynxia said, looking at her bracelet.
‘Yes, but it literally feels weird. I’m having trouble adjusting, it feels like everything is being dampened.’ Echo said, rubbing her fingers against the ground. Eve was inspecting the bars of the cage.
‘I hate this.’ Áine said. Echo, Lynxia and Áine grumbled for a while until Eve screamed.
‘I can’t take this!’ She yelled. She gripped one of the bars of the cell with her teeth and ripped it off. There was a moment of silence. Then Áine spoke up.
‘Well don’t just stand there, do it again!’ Eve nodded and did it again. Thirty seconds later the four of them were walking around the complex, looking for a way out. They turned a corner and everyone but Echo crashed into Eliza Scorn. Eliza stepped backwards, to avoid falling over. Lynxia got up and glared at Scorn.
‘Hello Eliza. Have you had work done?’ She said frostily.
‘No Lynxia. Have you developed a sharp tongue while I wasn’t paying attention?’
‘Probably.’ Lynxia shrugged.
‘I must admit how unhappy I am to see you again. Very.’ Eliza said, staring daggers at Lynxia. Eve and Áine sat on the ground, watching the silent fight happening. Echo backed into the wall as Sparky, Flame, Ivy and Hayley sprinted around the corner. Áine and Eve tripped them up and Eliza and Lynxia were brought to the floor.
‘Sometimes, magic is very handy.’ Echo said, helping her friends up. They were all standing, including Scorn, when Echo’s eyes widened.
‘Run!’ She yelled. Everyone ran from the spot.
‘What’s the matter Echo?’ Hayley asked.
‘Vampires. I can smell vampires and it’s night time. No, not that way!’ They doubled back.
‘What was down that way?’ Lynxia called.
‘Zombies.’ Echo stopped.
‘What is it now?’ Sparky cried.
‘Well Eliza, you seem to have this place guarded quite nicely. Guys, should we fight the Hollow Men, the fully-fledged vampires or the zombies?’
‘I don’t think I’ll fight any of them. I’m going.’ Eliza said, opening a hidden doorway and backing through it. ‘I hope you had fun being alive.’ She smiled.

‘This is just fantastic, isn’t it?’ Áine said, banging on the wall that Scorn had just left through.
‘Hollow Men.’ Hayley said. Sparky had been standing very still thinking until Hayley said that.
‘None of them.’ Sparky mumbled.
‘What?’ Eve asked.
‘None of them. We don’t have any weapons to fight them with.’ Sparky said. Everyone paused. They then searched for their various weapons.
‘The lack of weaponry may complicate things slightly.’ Flame said.
‘I have a weapon.’ Lynxia said, pointing at her bracelet. Shadows coiled around her wrist. Sparky nodded and turned to Echo.
‘Can you tell where the weapons are?’ Sparky asked.
‘That is a good question! Of course I can!’ Echo smiled.
‘Which way is the safest to go?’ Ivy asked. Echo thought for a moment and started walking back the way they had come.
‘The zombies are slow and the vampires have gone to a different part of the building. I think the weapons are near the holding cells.’ They walked back and Echo stopped outside a door.
‘In there, I’m sure of it.’
‘Great, but how do we-‘ Hayley began. Ivy kicked the door down.
‘That should do it.’ Eve grinned. Ivy walked in and looked around.
‘This looks right.’ She said. The others entered the room and grinned. Echo reached for her Glock. Hayley gripped her Mark23 and trained it on a spot of the wall. Flame slid his Machete back into its strap. Áine grabbed her switchblade, opened it, shut it and smiled. Lynxia put her quiver over her shoulder and gripped her bow. Sparky picked up her Makhaira and walked back out the door.
‘I think it’s time we go slaughter something, don’t you think?’
‘Sparky, you know that I don’t like killing things.’ Echo said.
‘Yeah, I know. But Ivy does, and Hayley and Flame and Lynxia and Eve and Áine and I do.’
‘Do I have to participate?’
‘Of course not.’
‘Okay then!’ Echo smiled. The eight of them walked around until Echo stopped them.
‘There are Hollow Men up ahead. I’m staying here.’
‘Fine, just don’t run off, or get kidnapped or anything.’ Hayley said, scowling. The seven fighters turned the corner. There was a flash and all of the Hollow Men disintegrated.
‘Uh…’ Eve said. ‘What happened?’
‘I don’t know…’ Sparky said, putting her Makhaira away. A net landed on them.
‘What the hell!?’ Flame yelled. A canister landed on the ground in front of them, with gas coming out. They thrashed until the sleeping gas knocked them out.

* * *

Echo watched them walk around the corner and heard the sound of dust hitting the ground. She was about to warn them when she heard someone standing right behind her. Echo turned to see Angst.
‘Uh, hello!’ Echo said.
‘Why hello there Echo. I heard you don’t like fighting.’
‘You heard right.’
‘So, if you don’t like fighting, how would you react if I did this?’ Angst asked. Echo looked at him quizzically, then in a flash, Angst’s hand was around her throat, squeezing. Echo’s vision began to cloud as she reached into her jacket, pulled out her Glock and shot Angst in the leg. He released her a growled.
‘I’ve been shot in the same spot twice today! Not cool!’

Gosh... This won't ever be finished, I know that much. It has no ending, I made it up as I went along...


Not to be continued.


  1. Why not? I like hurting people! Especially vampires! I have a special hatred for them!

  2. I HATE vampires. But I will admit, although the story was getting good, its flow wasn't that great. No offence.