Saturday, 8 September 2012


I have been around the world in a matter of seconds. I have learnt things that mortals can only dream about. I have seen things that would make any average human’s eyes melt. I have fought armies of monsters and emerged unscathed. I have done all this and more.

I am Sparky Braginski.

And this is my story.

‘Move!’ My voice rings out through the hall. Ivy Animosity turns and faces me, time slowing down around us.
‘I’m not leaving without you.’ She says. I grab her shoulders.
‘You have to go! You’ll get killed!’ I say. She scoffs.
‘I’m Ivy Animosity, no one kills me.’ She grins and time snaps back into place.
‘Sparky, Ivy, get out of here!’ Lynxia Lost is pushing Ivy and me out of the hall. The echoes of battle surround us.
‘If one of us leaves, we all go!’ Scarlett Thundersong yells, standing near us.
‘Scarlett’s right. We can’t all stay, which means we need to go.’ Hayley Skirmish says firmly. Everyone’s here, and they’re all looking at me. And fighting. Everyone’s fighting as well.
‘We can’t fight now, some of us are wounded.’ I say, begging inside my own head that my voice doesn’t fail me. It doesn’t. They all nod, and begin to retreat.

Maybe I should explain.

One morning, I woke up after an unusually fitful nights sleep. Well, I say morning, but that might make you think that the sun had risen. Which, incidentally, it hadn’t. I checked the time, because that’s what I generally tend to do when I wake up before the sun. Which is always. But, anyway, the clock said 1:17. In the morning. That made me groan, because I doubt any teenage girl wants to wake up at that time. I sat up and stretched. I twisted my back and smiled when I heard my spine cracking. It’s an interesting sound, you should try listening to it sometime. Anyway, I finished doing that and swung my legs off my bed. Or, I would have, if I hadn’t kicked someone. I blinked as the person cursed.
‘Who’s there?’ I asked the darkness.
‘And who are you?’
‘I don’t know.’
‘You don’t know?’
‘I don’t know.’
‘You don’t know who you are?’
‘Not a clue.’
‘This is a practical joke?’
‘Nope. I have no idea who I am. You know though.’
‘I’ve never seen you before in my life.’
‘I know. My life only started a few minutes ago.’
‘What’s that supposed to mean!?’
‘It means what I said. I only came into existence a couple of minutes ago.’
‘You sound like a smart person.’
‘I am if you say I am!’
‘Because you invented me.’
‘Not following.’
‘What do you think I look like?’
‘I dunno. Grey eyes? Blondish-brownish hair?
‘Turn on the light.’
‘Okay…’ I stood up and turned on the light to my bedroom. I faced the voice and saw sixteen-year-old girl looking back at me. Her hair was brownish-blond, her eyes were grey, and she looked just like I thought she would. I faltered.
‘Yes?’ She asked.
‘I’m going to call a friend.’ I said. I walked down my stairs and got out my phone. I dialled the number of my friend, Vulpin Rogue. Except I call her Alfred. Anyway, I listened to the phone ringing her, but it moved onto her voicemail.
‘Hi! This is Vulpin! Either it’s a bad time, or you’re calling me too freaking early! Piss off!’ Her voice came out of the phone.
‘That’s bloody typical.’ I dialled the number of Ivy Animosity, and as it was ringing, a blue orb of energy appeared in front of me and Ivy stepped out.
‘You called?’ She asked, grinning.
‘I’m still calling! Could you give me a hand?’
‘Sure thing. What am I helping with, exactly?’
‘Uh… She doesn’t have a name, so I’m not really sure.’
‘And that means?’
‘Come with me.’
I led Ivy up the stairs into my room. The girl was still there, and she was looking at one of my notebooks. I scowled and pulled it out of her hands.
‘Don’t touch my stuff.’
‘Okay.’ She said. I scowled and faced Ivy.
‘She is my problem.’ I said. Ivy clicked her tongue.
‘She doesn’t have a name?’ Ivy asked.
‘How, exactly, does that work?’
‘No idea.’
‘Should we name her?’ Ivy said. The girl cleared her throat.
‘Only Sparky can name me.’
‘Why?’ Ivy said slowly.
‘Because Sparky made me. I came into existence because of her.’
‘Well, I can’t name you unless I know about you. So, as a base, are you bad?’
‘Bad guy. Bad person. Evil.’
‘Oh. Yes.’
‘How do you know?’
‘You just said so.’

This didn't get far at all. Obviously. It was going to be the one with everyone in it, does anyone remember that? The whole idea was just too daunting for me. Too complicated.

Not to be continued.


  1. Darn. I was looking forward to the whole Crucify thing.

  2. Wellllllll, it could just be Sparky and Ivy as main characters... *hint hint*

    Sorry, but to me it seems like all of YOU people get Ivy down better than I do.

  3. Boo! I want to know how this ends!