Saturday, 8 September 2012


Jenny checked her e-mails. Two from friends, three junks and one job. She deleted the junk e-mails and opened the job. She was after Gecko. She’d seen pictures of him around. There was a huge bounty on his head. She shrugged and put her belt on. She checked through it. It had a grappling hook gun, daggers, pistol, string and some other things. People didn’t understand the significance of the string. String was far more useful than most people thought. Jenny checked the places Gecko had been seen the most. Subways, pubs, the regular places. Jenny took a moment to wonder why they were always in the same areas, and then walked out of her house.

I recall this one, I had ideas for it, but it was very straightforward. A few ideas were a little complicated, but not really.

Possible continuation.

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