Saturday, 8 September 2012


Sparky groaned and rubbed her head. What happened? She looked around and saw a landscape she found unnervingly familiar.
‘You know where you are, don’t play around.’
‘You know that too. I don’t know why you know, but it would be for the same reason I know who you are Sparky.’
‘Stand up Sparks.’
‘Why does my head hurt?’ Sparky mumbled as she stood and looked at the people with her. There were two girls, who seemed to have been conversing for some time. One looked to be about sixteen, had light brown hair and was wearing grey school uniform with red trim. The other was about twenty-one, had dyed dark red hair and was wearing torn jeans, a red shirt and sunglasses.
‘It’ll pass.’ The schoolgirl said. ‘I’m Phoebe, by the way.’
‘You didn’t need to tell her that.’
‘Sure I did. You handled it better than I did Steph.’
‘You could still figure out my name.’
‘Yeah, after twenty minutes! I was cutting to the chase.’
‘Don’t talk back to me Phoeb.’
‘Oh, oh, don’t even get me started on the complications of that!’
‘Um, are you guys going to explain what’s going on?’ Sparky asked.
‘Because Steph won’t, I will.’ Phoebe replied, smiling. ‘It seems that the three of us are from different universes, but we share our personality.’
‘Then why did you offer to explain and Steph didn’t?’ Sparky asked.
‘Because, the three different universes have exposed us to different circumstances and people, which has altered our personalities differently. Does that make sense?’ Phoebe explained.
‘Yes. It does. Can I still use my magic here?’
‘You should do, mine does.’
‘Oh, you’re magic?’
‘Yup.’ As she said this Phoebe pulled a wand out of her pocket and flicked it. A small plume of fire emerged from the tip of her wand.
‘Wicked!’ Sparky grinned. ‘Though, I think we have different magic.’
‘That would make sense. What can you do?’
‘You want a demonstration?’
‘Alrighty.’ Sparky held her hand up and electricity charged around her hand. ‘Is that adequate?’
‘Yes, yes, this is all fantastic. We need to concentrate.’
‘On what Steph?’ Phoebe asked.
‘Food. Water. Shelter.’
‘Well, okay. Phoebe, why don’t you get water? Steph, you could maybe find food?’
‘Oh yeah? What will you do short stuff?’ Steph growled.
‘Build a shelter.’
‘You can’t do that on your own Sparks.’ Phoebe said. Sparky nodded.
‘I know.’
‘But-‘ Steph started. She was cut off by a small flash. A girl sat up and looked around.
‘Typical. Just great…’ she stood, brushed herself off and looked at Sparky, Steph and Phoebe. There was a few moments of silence and the newcomer nodded.
‘So I’m helping Sparky make shelter, is that right?’
‘You’re very perceptive.’ Steph said. ‘I’ll go find food.’

I think... I think the fourth girl was... Um... I don't think I named her, but she was from Percy Jackson! After a long while of consulting my friends they- god knows why- decided I would be a daughter of Athena. Again, god knows why.

Not to be continued.

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