Saturday, 8 September 2012

Bogland People L4D Cross-Fic.

Vulpin and Sparky could barely contain their excitement. Even with Hayley slapping them upside the head every time one of them grinned, which was once every ten seconds or so, they couldn’t stop.
‘This is serious you two.’ Hayley growled.
‘We know.’ Sparky said.
‘Then stop smiling.’
‘I can’t.’ Vulpin said.
‘People have died.’
‘We know that as well.’ Vulpin said.
‘Then stop smiling!’
‘I can’t!’ Sparky exclaimed. Hayley stopped pacing in front of the two and placed her hands on her hips.
‘Why are you so excited then?’ Hayley asked. Vulpin and Sparky both stop up and gasped.
‘Because! This isn’t just a zombie apocalypse, it’s a Left 4 Dead zombie apocalypse!’ Vulpin cried.
‘Left 4 Dead?’ Hayley said. Sparky nodded. ‘The video game?’ Hayley asked. Vulpin nodded.
‘Let us go kill zombies!’ Sparky begged. ‘And possibly become special Infected.’ She added, under her breath.
‘I completely agree with Sparky.’ Vulpin said.

Well, this didn't get far. I had a few... Ideas, but they're gone. No point anymore. I don't like the idea.

Not to be continued.

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  1. Well, if one thing can be said about it, it is that its short.